Monday, March 23, 2015


Hi, I'm Kipin Alexander, President and Founder of the Echo Alexander Fan Club. The best way to describe having a 5 week old baby is to think of your biggest elementary school crush plus a potent cocktail of maternal instinct. I'm over here ready to doodle her name on every scrap of paper I can find. Someone get me a sharpie and a trapper keeper! I gaze at her perfect acorn head on that graceful little neck and I just want the world to know how much I love this girl! I take pride in every little gummy grin - reflex induced or real they give me the biggest sense of accomplishment every time. I love her warbling little cries and her hungry, crazy mad scientist eyes, greedily sucking in the world around her. She is determined, she is goofy, she is adorable and amazing and joy incarnate.
The minute we brought Echo home, the whole apartment changed. Those first two weeks are sacred in my memory. Its profound feeling, that much love in a tiny place. We didn't turn on the TV or the computer. We didn't even talk very much. Jared and I just basked in the warmth and the light and the love. And boy do I love Jared. It's true what they say, the bond a child brings to your marriage. Watching him sing to our baby, admire her and see his face in hers brings me so much happiness.
Nights are late, days bleed together. Echo rarely cries outside of needing the normal things. We have not been touched by colic or acid reflux or any of those horrors besides a bit of a rumbly tummy now and again. Being with her is a pleasure. I feel like I could have a million babies if they are all this sweet, but at the same time that if shes the only one we ever have then boy did we luck out and get the best one.
And guess what? I think she loves us, too.