Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Overwhelming Every Day

Echo at 15 months

Echo is officially a toddler. A a crazy one at that. This picture was taken back in May and my brother's pre-wedding festivities.

I haven't been blogging and as time seeps on I start to panic about losing detail or getting to far from an event for it to matter (Echo's first birthday?!)

So for now, here is a little post on my dear sweet E. I will give her birthday a proper post.
Echo at 17 months

So- Blueberries. The best possible explanation of Echo at GASP 18 months, is her complete devotion to blueberries. She's always been a great eater. She's getting a bit more dubious of veggies lately, but if she see's anything that even looks a tiny bit like a blueberry, she goes ape. She begs and pleads and whines and will eat half a pint in one sitting. Other favorites are oatmeal, plain greek yogurt with a little pure maple syrup (and blueberries obvs), scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken (she won't eat fried), edamame and pad thai.

She hates sitting still, she loves water. Even the simplest sprinkler elicits oo's and awes. She says about 30 words, including Mama, Gilligan, Rory, Daddy, Thank You, All Done and Shoe. She dances wildly at any music, and sings softly to the more sombre tunes. She folds her arms for the prayer, and loves to take walks. She can handle even the biggest slides at the park all by herself. Her favorite person is probably her Grandpa Alexander, though she rarely meets someone she doesn't like. She also loves to smack her parents which we are working on....

So other then a toddler consuming my life, what's up? Jared is almost 6 months in to being a scribe at UF Health North, still chugging away towards PA school. And I, after a year of working "part time" 35 hrs a week, am going back to full time hours. We've been enjoying our time having just about no social life beyond Netflix ha! Although we have been l o v i n g Broadchurch and Stranger Things lately.

I've been back on my fitness grind. I've dropped 13 lbs! I am really proud of myself. The last year has been hard in a way that it's difficult to describe. Just so much change, and growing up, frustration, loneliness, heartache and trial countered with pure joy, support, love, bravery, and hard work. Just the overwhelming ever day that most of us endure.

We also got to go on a great family vacation to Vancouver. Blogging it is on my list!