Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 In Review

2015 I successfully brought a bright little soul into this world.

I was blessed to be able to have 3 months full time with her, months that seem seconds long in retrospect. 

We traveled to Washington D.C., Chicago, a lake town in Georgia, and  introduced Echo to Disney life and Harry Potter.

I breast fed on planes, trains, in museums, resturaunts, bathrooms, and on many many park benches. I grappled with the loss of that connection and then reveled in Jared enjoying his share of 3 am feelings thanks to formula. 

Jared graduated! And then delved right back in to studies, preparing for his grad program. He has busted his butt all year and gotten an A in every class. 

Fate smiled on the Hendricks avenue ward giving us amazing lifelong friends, who almost moved away from Jacksonville. Luckily social media and cell phones make it nearly impossible to escape eachothers lives, sorrynotsorry.

We moved down to Mandarin.

I rung in the new year with some of those friends, all of whom will move on in 2016. I can't help but wish and hope we will join them at some point. Maybe not with a move but with a change and hopefully an acceptance for 2017. 2016 will be a big transitional year for us no matter how you slice it, and I look forward to breaking it wide open. 

We had our early toast at 10:50 pm, introduced some peeps to black eyed peas (yes there are people who have never had these) and I gave the New Year baby a kiss for luck- and her dad, too.