Thursday, October 31, 2013


This year Jared got to pick the costumes. I couldn't begrudge him-- it's been my choice for years. We had been talking about being Marty McFly and Doc Brown for many a year, and this seemed the perfect time to do it.

Last year I showed up to work as Mary Poppins....This year I showed up at 6 am with my working cap on, but I will eat a Mellowcreme pumpkin and it will still be Halloween in my heart.

Some of our greatest hits through the years.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Over the year, evangelists for other holidays have tried to out do me, tried to prove to me why I was wrong. "I mean, Christmas...just CHRISTMAS!" They will holler. But Halloween is not just a day where anyone can be anything, its a day where everyone comes out equal. Whether you've got a trust fund waiting for you, or you know the awkwardness of standing in line at school to receive your free lunch, Halloween is for you.

For me, holidays like Christmas and my birthday carry such weight. That weight inevitably turns into pressure and anxiety for me. The pressure of giving and receiving resulted in some intense sadness and anxiety throughout my childhood, of wishing for more. More to give others who always had something to hand to me, we would often give home made treats or even once our own movies taken from the home, and more to receive. Sick guilt would wash over me, and pours over me now, thinking of feeling that way in the first place. It isn't about that! Oh, but somehow it still is. It's a lot for a poor sap like me.

But Halloween. Halloween I can do. I can even excel at Halloween. A pumpkin costs 5 bucks. A thrift store costume is inevitably always cooler and more clever than store bought, especially when you have been raised by a mother who could pull a costume together in 10 minutes flat. Candy, by the huge pillow case sack full, is always just a trick-r-treat away.

So I will continue to carve jack-o-lanterns, and dream up costumes, and revel in handing over treats to the greedy little paws that visit us on the 31st. All of you Christmas and birthday loyalists can stop trying to convert me. I'm fine right here, with my labradoodle pumpkin and some incredibly hilarious family portraits.


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Grateful for my ability to always be myself.
Grateful for my strong relationship with my Heavenly Father.
Grateful for the four walls around me, even when they seem paltry or less than perfect. 
Grateful for the cool weather that has me thinking I can keep my car for another few months after all.  
Grateful for the laundry detergent that leaked all across the kitchen floor. Has it ever been cleaner?
Grateful for best friends who live literally a few steps or a 5 minute drive away. 
Grateful for thrift store gems when none of your clothes fit anymore. 
Grateful that none of my clothes fit anymore!
Grateful for wonderful friends who go out of their way to share love, time and resources. It's nice to know you always have someone to watch your dog. It's nice to know you can get crazy awesome Disney discounts with no catch at all. It's nice to know that people miss your company.
Grateful for a husband who washes the dog, the laundry and my dirty dishes.

Couldn't resist the picture, it makes me laugh every time. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013



Last Friday we rocked the heck out of Austin Karaoke. In matching outfits. What's your favorite karaoke song? Mine is a tie between Oh Darling by The Beatles and Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Fall has come to the south, meaning we've been cruising in the low 80's, high 70's. For three days we turned the AC off and opened the windows. Magic.

My friend Kevin Newton was fantastic enough to remind me that it's PUMPKIN BLIZZARD SEASON Y'ALL. Seriously, who the heck cares about the PSL, I am all about the PSB. Speaking of treats, Sonic allows you to get a dirty Dr Pepper in slush form. Ah sweet lovin.

We were given a king size bed this week! It is comically huge, especially since we don't have a frame for it yet.

I finally climbed the 5.8 wall which has been mocking me! I'm not confident enough to try a 5.9 yet but I'm getting there.

We are officially a cable free household! Amazon Prime 4 eva.

Best Coast continues to be the Best. 


Tried a new Zumba class yesterday, which I loved. I flailed around for an hour and worked up a good ol fashioned sweat. Back in the locker room I discovered my pants had been on backwards the entire time.

STUFF. I feel another huge purge coming on. When we moved the new bed in and moved our old one to the spare room, displacing all of the nicely stacked boxes that had slowly been creeping back in. As much as Jared claims he needs 12 copies of the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers...I think we will be taking a few more trips to the thrift store.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I have felt like a very drab ol' bag for quite a while now. My addiction to extreme change in the hair department has slowly faded over the years. Faded just like my actual hair, which has been leaching color for months and months. My natural hair color has not been seen on this Earth in nigh unto 8 years at least. In pictures my hair looks sort of a whatever brown, but in person it was brassy and gross. So I decided to brighten it up with some ombre while I maybe grow out the natural color.

Let me make this clear, I like to make sure I am several years behind on most beauty trends. And I stand unashamed! Now, embrace the selfies, and I'll embrace the fact that I should have done this months ago.