Thursday, November 21, 2013


Jared and I have been seriously looking at upgrading my car! I am giddy with anticipation. I would really like a hatchback. Any suggestions?

High Tide Burrito chips and queso. Come to mama. In other food related news, my Sweet Frog punch card is FULL. I feel like cashing in on my free yogurt may result in some kind of worm hole opening up in the universe. This is about as likely as me finishing an entire tube of chapstick without losing it.

Last night I did a complete double take while watching You've Got Mail. Doth my eyes deceive? Nope. That's Dr. Danny Castellano! Dem brows though...

Gilligan ate a pack of red jello powder and several sachets of swiss miss resulting in sugary red beardlocks. Basically it looked like he had been feasting on the blood of the innocent.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Common daydream: Jared and I are a husband and wife family band, just like Tennis.

This is setting itself to be a real ring-ding weekend. Tomorrow we'll go see the Avett Brothers, Saturday morning is a mid-century modern home tour of Jacksonville and Saturday night we take to Lake City for the Hootenanny!

Going on 3 weeks without turning the AC on.

Getting rid of even more crap. Anyone need a toaster oven or a large stove top griddle?

I really want to thank Wes Anderson for releasing a new movie to coincide with my 25th (gulp) birthday next year. I have fully drank the kool-aid so I really do not care to hear any of your opinions about Wes, that beautiful dreamer.

My boss kept asking me if I was feeling okay this morning. It was then I realized he was basically telling me I looked like an old bag lady wearing my giant coat and scarf around the office.

All I want is sugar lately. There is not one treat in my house and I am waiting for the day that Jared comes home and find's me greasy faced in the corner eating spoonfuls of brown sugar.

This morning I was alerted to not one, not two but THREE Christmas tree's in my friends living rooms.

Throwback Thursday anyone? EPCOT 2008

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I truly never understood the saying "there just aren't enough hours in the day"  until this year. I was never an over industrious person as a teenager and into my college years, but as days go by and I ripen up a bit, I can feel my A-type engine revving.

 I see in myself more and more the need to go and go and go. To make, help, carry, clean, decorate, cook, whatever there is to be done. Whether this is the product of Mormonism, the waning of adolescent depression, being a Manning or just a sign of -gulp/guffaw- "maturity", I could not tell you. I've always loved being in the thick of it, but lately I've been filled with enough initiative to make me think that maybe, just maybe, one day I'll be half the lady my grandmother is. Seriously, there is never a room she can not make cleaner or a yard that doesn't stand a good overhaul when Bonnie is around, and I mean that in the most sincere compliment.

 The way I am writing this makes me sound like superwoman, flying around and sweeping the floor clean with a golden broom, which could not be further from the truth. Its just remarkable when you can see the evolution of yourself. It's like looking forward and seeing the curvature of the Earth. It is rare to realize the change within yourself while it is happening. Hindsight usually reveals all of this in sparkling clean lines, but current change moves too fast to make out. I really do feel different though. Different from a year ago, yes, but different than 3 years ago-drastically. 

On my lunch break, I let Gilligan out for his afternoon T time, and then went to change my shoes so I could play with him in the back yard. I thought I should stay out there with him, but 5 minutes couldn't hurt, right?

I came out and he was no where to be found. The gate was wide open and my neighbors car was gone, so I knew just what had happened. I went out into the neighborhood and started calling the dog but he was gone. I didn't panic though. I felt very calm for a woman who is so frantically obsessed with a small helpless creature such as Gill. I said a prayer and I knew I would find him. I walked up and down the street calling him, finally getting a little choked up after 10 minutes of nothing. I tried calling Jared for ideas but then then the mailman stopped me and said "Oh a little dog? Yes, I saw him waiting at your front door so I let him into your building." I walked home and there was Gillian, shivering and wagging his tail in the foyer in front of our door. 

I give this long winded account of a dog gone missing because it has stuck in my brain for the rest of the afternoon. I am blown away by the ability we all have to listen to our gut instincts. I recognize that gut reaction as a prompting, the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, our conscience whatever you want to call it, told me not to leave that dog out there alone and I did anyway. It was a small and almost insignificant feeling but hey--isn't that almost always the case? That same feeling assured me everything would be alright when I saw him missing. 

I hope that busyness doesn't get in my way of listening to those little things. I hope that as I feel these rapid changes within myself, they are for the better. 

I also hope I can stop thinking of really vindictive, clever and evil ways to get back at my neighbors for always, without fail, leaving the gate open. But some things never change. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My Aunt Shelly passed away yesterday morning. This was her second time with breast cancer.

Shelly always made me feel important. She had a way of enveloping you when she spoke. She was genuine and engaged and you could always tell she really wanted to know how you were doing, she wanted to know how school was going or about your new job. She didn't phone it in or put on a face of friendliness- that's just who she was. She liked to do things herself, she loved making and fixing and independence. I don't think I ever saw her when she didn't tell me I looked beautiful or asked how I was doing. She was so beautiful, the bluest eyes and the best cheek bones.

My favorite memories of Shelly:

Swimming in the summertime while she made Ryan, Josh and I pb&j's with strawberry jelly and cheese puffs.

Ryan's birthday- Her standing on the back porch laughing at us as we took turns digging a penny out of a pile of flour with our mouths.

Having me try on all her wigs, showing the little cousins her bald head with a grin.

Attempting to slip me cash over and over for house sitting.

I know I will see Shelly again. She knew where she was going, and I'm grateful I could hear her share her testimony not too long ago. I'm grateful she was part of my life.

Monday, November 4, 2013


I had never been to Washington DC before. I hopped up on business for a three day trip last week. I was busy running around a conference in extremely insensible shoes for the most part, but in my free time I learned 4 things:

- True autumnal weather is a beautiful thing, and feel's a lot like Florida's winter, so maybe I should quit my belly aching after all.

- I will never get tired of visiting museums and eating at new restaurants.

- I love city living.

- DC's metro is run almost exclusively by horrible trolls.

Luckily, I was able to keep the trolls at bay by reuniting my high school posse. Lauren and Krystle came down to visit and we had a magical time looking at gems and geodes and eating pizza and burgers and milkshakes all in the same meal. The milkshakes though, I mean really. If you are in DC, go to Good Stuff Eatery. Don't even look at the capitol building until you have a toasted marshmallow shake in your hand.
Other highlights were We The Pizza and Mission Taco. Good food in that town for sure. And seriously good hair weather as well. Oh, and I saw Obama and Biden pass in a motorcade! What thrills!

I was also able to visit the Holocaust Museum which was truly humbling and I would insist that everyone take a visit when in town.

Til we meet again, DC.