Thursday, December 19, 2013


Last night we had a white elephant party. I showed up with a pregnancy test and a scratch off lotto ticket. I left with a gigantic picture of a sailboat.

Why is it so hard to have a clean house and food in the fridge and write in a blog and have brass-free hair color? WHY? Seriously, this stage of my life both terrifies and thrills me. There is so much growth and change and excitement and freaking laundry.

When I casually mention the words "coconut oil" "sulfate-free"  "aluminum" or "little boys with baby dolls" and peoples eye fill with panic, fear, mouths gone bone dry while hands become puddles. Fear not-- I have nay come to take your Tupperware or make you eat quinoa, promise. Any normal hippy would scoff at Jared and I's pedestrian ways.

Someone has been driving this little whip to work for the past few weeks. Bravo.

I got a new car. Repeat, I got a new car. With AIR CONDITIONING. More on that later.

Never turning on the heat, always turning on the Christmas tree.

Jared passed the class that has been dogging him for two semesters! So so proud of him!

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