Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Keep in mind that these picture and the snow pictures were taken on the same day, within hours of one another. Arizona is funny like that.

It was my second time visiting the big girl, the Grand Canyon, and her fancy pants neighbor Sodona. Still has not quenched my desire to ride a sweet little donkey down into the base, hike to Havasu Falls, Devil's Bridge and slide on my belly down Slide Rock. Jared and I even considered turning right back around and going out again over Spring Break, but we decided to be adult about it and just go to a theme park instead. How novel.

You know you have a golden egg on your hands when your husband doesn't even mind wearing matching beanies all day long. I am aware I look like a crazed gnome who just LOVES COLORZ but give me a break. At this point I was wearing every scrap of fabric I owned just to keep warm.

1-arizona 214 253
1-arizona 214 252
1-arizona 214 260
1-arizona 214 265
1-arizona 214 305

1-arizona 214 320
1-arizona 214 317

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