Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Our trip to North Carolina was good enough to have me sulking for a full week afterwards. Seriously, vacation blues are legit and they blow. The air was clearer, cooler, crisper. The forest had me feeling like Bilbo Baggins, once he climbs to the top of the canopy and finds himself in the bottom of a big leafy green bowl. We hiked to waterfalls, my legs feeling like 50 lb weights (but maybe they are? How much does your average leg weigh?), and across the Biltmore Estate, and through miles of downtown Asheville.

Jared planned the trip, meaning there frankly wasn't a whole lot of planning, but Jared had it right this time. We drove up to Hickory after work, cranking an audiobook. We had booked that hotel the night before and collapsed soon after arrival. The next day was Blowing Rock, overpriced, and Grandfather Mountain, where we were drastically unprepared for the gusting wind and 50 degree weather. We climbed over the swinging bridge which was literally singing in the wind. As we walked across you could feel the wind nudging you forward. We hopped on the rocks all the way to the edge. Wind whipping, doing our best Pocahontas, freezing to death. Then there were adorable bears with weird matted fur.
north carolina 2014 040
north carolina 2014 032
north carolina 2014 030
Slick tennis shoes~
north carolina 2014 027
north carolina 2014 018

Next came Brunswick Stew and pulled pork. The restaurant also sold fried bologna sandwiches and please don't think I wasn't tempted. Also, the family behind us in line had left their dachshund outside and he broke free at least 4 times and wandered into the restaurant to find them.

More tomorrow I think :)

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