Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Jared blessed Echo on Sunday. He blessed her with a brave heart to stand up for the things she believes in, courage in the face of adversity, and eyes to see the blessings and beauty of this world. It was just right. I hope so much for her, but above all I hope that she is a strong woman. I hope she has the moxie to stand up for whats right, even when its hard or unpopular. And oh boy do I hope and pray that she is kind. 

Our family turned out for the blessing taking up 4 rows of the chapel. I am so grateful to live close to all of them at this stage in my life. Its nice to know that like 20 Mannings and a handful of Alexanders have got your back. 

So whats been going on lately? Jared and I have gotten out a few times in the past 6 weeks. We went to see Elton John in concert, and last night we sang karaoke with some friends. Will I ever tire of belting out Total Eclipse of the Heart with my Bird by my side? I certainly hope not. My Grammie watched Echo both nights, heaven bless that woman. One day I will write a true ode to her greatness. The week leading up to the Elton concert I was biting my fingernails to nubs about leaving Echo. Of course she slept the entire time I was gone. Last night I kind of just shut my mind off and handed her off....and when we got home we were informed that she had griped for a solid 2 hours ending with a real good strong cry before bed. C'est la vie. 

Echo, Grammie and I also went to visit the Georgia great aunts and eat some barbecue. We've also visited my brother in Orlando and Taken her to the CityWalk for her first putt putt experiance. She slept like a lamb in the wrap on my chest amidst the blinking lights and pumping bass. I am sure people thought I was a negligent horror mom. 

The past 6 weeks have been some of the best in my life. I'm somebody's mother! And that somebody is such a somebody. I love her to death. Its peaceful even when its chaos. Its still even when its choppy. No matter how long the crying or fussing or poop all down the front of me, there's that little flame burning in my heart for this little person. For Echo. I may have to set her down and walk away for five minutes or hand her off to Jared, but that flame is always there and its never going out. So lets here it for hair long past due for a cut and under eye bags and husbands with silvering temples who look good anyway. Actually lets not here it for that. Jared is rude and a brat for continuing to be handsome in spite of it all. 

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