Monday, June 29, 2015


I feel like every single one of my days is exactly the same. I need to stretch my bloggy fingers and document even the seemingly mundane, because I know there are hidden memory treasures in there.


Let us travel back a moment to May 30. Echo at 3 months old cooing and having a jolly old time...until I broke her leg. Not really, but long story short we spent a good few hours in the hospital with Casper the Ghost down there who's leg popped out of the socket and then right back in.

June 3 we attended a crossing over ceremony for our little friend in the boy scouts. I was playing with a friends baby, the colossal Daxton, and stood right up and threw out my back. I was in pain that evening and the next day but good grief the night after that was RUFF. Having now experienced natural child birth I can fully say that intense back pain is right up there with the worst of it. I also think that after years and years and years of assuming I have a low pain tolerance and am a full fledged wimp....I think I might have been wrong. I think I may be a grin and bear it kind of girl after all. The things you learn about yourself. 

Anyway, I couldn't sit in a chair, sleep on my bed or walk. Jared was lifting me when I needed to stand and half carrying me from room to room. He dressed me and got me to the doctor. My wonderful Grammie let us camp out at her house for a few days, and my mother-in-law dropped everything in a moment to come and sit with Echo for over an hour in a parking lot. Family is the best! I am just now, 3 weeks later, getting back to my old self. The pain traveled from my back to my hips and legs and now I can feel it slowly dissipating. 

Jun 16 Echo turned 4 months old. One thing that is continually mind blowing is how quickly she learns and grasps concepts. I see her practicing something, concentrating so hard on the toy in front of her with her eyes crossed and brow scrunched, and then one day the little light bulb just goes off and she grabs that sucker! And puts it in her mouth and munches on it! Other updates include sucking on her toes all day long, laughing at kissy noises, loving books and being read to, and rolling over! On June 18 she rolled over and I swear it felt like your team just won the world series. I was on pins and needles watching her try and fail again and again to get over her shoulder and then she did! 

This little light of mine...

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