Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why my dad is the best dad

My dad's been on the hunt for a new car. Yesterday he sent me this email, and it pretty much made my life:

"Today I entered the murky waters where new cars dwell. It is a dangerous and frustrating endeavor because found in these same troubled waters is the great white Car Shark Salesman. I could see them cruising the parking reef with wide toothy grins. They seemed to be colored in a dubious array of plaids and stretchy pants. The new cars glimmered in the sun and a seductive siren sound drew me in to certain financial oblivion. I had barely exited the safe environs of my own elderly but faithful vehicle, when the Shark gently laid hold of my arm and gently sank in his teeth. Reflected in the deep red clear coat of the car behind him I beheld my doom. 

[This message was found scrawled on a tire washed ashore at Flagler Beach FL]    

PS Love Dad    "

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