Thursday, November 29, 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • When someone asks if you can do a cartwheel and you say OF COURSE and then you fall on your head. Time for some tumbling practice y'all. 
  • Running across some LARPers in Memorial Park juggling/dancing/writhing around with fire sticks and nunchucks and belly dancing to new wave music....and then running across them again two days later across town doing the same schtick. 
  • New apartment and the lovely people who are helping us move. 
  • Sleeping puppies. 
  • Jared's mustache 
And as for Thankful Thursday, well I'm thankful for ALL of these things. My body that takes a beating like a champ, The fire dancers who held Jared and I's attention for nearly an hour, my current apartment which holds the memories of our first year as a married couple, Gilligan who was able to climb the stairs all by himself for the first time yesterday! Life is beautiful.

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