Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pack Rat

I've always been a sentimental person, a clutter keeper and the girl with the messy bedroom. Since Jared and I got married and moved in to a tiny apartment, I have done my best to keep the clutter at a minimum. It doesn't always work, but I have been ruthless in what we keep and what we don't. It seems every time I go into our closets, I come out with a bag full of give aways.

This past weekend we found an apartment that seems to fit us like a glove, the only catch is a moving date almost a month earlier than we expected. Last night I was moving along, steadily shoving old clothes into a plastic garbage bag until I came across this shirt. Maybe you can't tell from the picture, but this shirt is very very faded and because of that I almost never wear it.

This is also the shirt I was wearing when I got engaged. Memory is a funny thing. The thought of giving this shirt away made me feel so defensive and sensitive. Maybe it will go in the next round, but as for right now it is safely tucked away in my dresser. Do you have items like this? Clothes that are heavily laden with sense memory? How do you honor these things, and how many should you allow yourself?

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