Thursday, January 3, 2013


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  • Hazy sleep-thoughts floating through your brain like "Oh Gilligan is such a good boy, sleeping peacefully all the way til 10 o'clock!" Dreamily, you think you hear a crunching sound, "Oh, he must be eating his breakfast, blessed lamb." Minutes later you sit up in horror and grab the dog brat because you realize he is eating your brand new glasses. 
  • Slipping into a crazed half split on hard wood and having to just lay there for 10 min to keep from falling over dead. 
  • Dropping your favorite make-up brush into the toilet and as you bend over to fish it out, dropping your mascara in there too. Pink eye, anyone? 


  • Teaching myself piano. You're next Jingle Bells. 
  • Getting pumped to do an awesome DIY with said piano.
  • Jared making dinner twice this week. He's on a roll, folks!
  • Clicker training. Gilligan can sit, lay, shake, speak and is thhiiissss close to "roll over."
  • Living next door to one of your best friends :)

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