Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's been a year, folks. But really its been so much longer.

 A year ago yesterday Jared and I got married. It's blowing my mind. It goes SO quickly. Our first year will be known as tumultuous and very very blessed.  We went through a lot of trials, most of them quiet things but some of them very loud. in your face and relentless. Things that made us grow up more quickly then we would have liked to. I'm happy to say that throughout everything we clung to one another. We relied on each other and made it through. To me, today seems more like new years then January 1, because today is when my year REALLY started.

Yesterday we celebrated with a trip to Kennedy Space Center. More on that tomorrow I think.

Jared I love you so much forever. You are the greatest and truest friend I've ever had. Here's to year two.

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