Monday, May 13, 2013


Jared's 24th birthday was 11 days ago, but we will ignore this fact and pretend this is a timely blog.

I started cooking up a wondrous surprise party for Jareds birthday a few, well now more then a few, weeks ago. He would leave for Germany 2 days after turning 24, so I just had to do something good. The day of, I woke up that morning with a crazy migraine. I also planned for badminton and croquet on the lawn but it rained all. day. long. 

I was so nervous planning this shindig. It was just one of those things. My adrenelin really kicked in when he showed up, my hand was trembling trying to light the candles on his Krispy Kreme cake. The result of all of this is literally ONE photo and a shaky video on my phone. Sheesh. 

Funny those weird little things that get us all wound up no matter how hard we try to stay calm...the 12 million miligrams of Excedrin pumping through my veins probably had a little something to do with it as well. 

Jared was truly surprised and had a great day. I’m so grateful for everyone that came out in that awful weather. Good times and chicken nachos were had by all. 

We also celebrated Jared's birthday with a little trip to Disney a few weeks back. It was one of those really great days where you and your boo have on matching Space Mountain tee's and everything seems right in the world. 

What is it about theme parks that just make you look haggard? Not at our best, but we don't come to Disney to play games. That backpack is filled to the brim with rain gear. 

I miss this fellow! Can not wait to see him in three more weeks! 

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