Friday, May 10, 2013



A poor little blog with a girl who's only laptop is across the sea, enjoying Deutschland with her husband. iPad blogging ain't the same.

Gilligan's new wild lifestyle. Seven months has brought out the true hellion in this dog. Sweet as pie when he wants to be, as soon as you turn your back he is chewing the couch cushions, stealing food and ripping every piece of paper he can find into one million tiny bits. Also, he was groomed yesterday and they gave him a blow out. His hair now  looks shockingly similar to my Grammie's.

Deal of a yogurt lovers dreams: Publix has 10 for 10 greek yogurts WITH an extra dollar off coupon for every 3 yogurts you buy. I bought 13, then proceeded to leave them on my kitchen counter all night -___-

Seriously missing longer locks, above pic tear


Going to see old friends at this weekend for Julie's bridal shower! Woop!

Being able to iMessage and Facetime with Jared, who is roughly 4070 miles away and six hours ahead, for free!

Blue Bell Banana Split ice cream. There are few aches it can not cure.

1 week down, 3 weeks to go: The Alexanders take Europe.

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