Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Do you ever skip a few days at the gym and freak out and think you're going to gain back every ounce you just lost, even while pulling a piping hot pan of s'mores out from under the broiler? So many feelings these past few days. This morning I realized its undoubtedly hormone induced and it had me breathing a huge heavy sigh of relief. I was cruising blogs this morning and saw this snippet from a parenting book on how to speak to your emotionally distraught child. 

"The authors suggest four ways to help children deal with their feelings:
1. Listen quietly and attentively.
2. Acknowledge their feelings with words like, "Oh . . . . Mmmm . . . I see . . ."
3. Give the feelings a name ("Wow! That sounds frustrating/challenging/intense/disappointing!")
4. Give the child his wishes in fantasy (I wish I could give you the biggest bowl ice cream with 10 cherries on top right now!")"

UM WHAT. That should ready "four ways to help your Kipin deal with their feelings."
Even the ice cream part. Especially the ice cream part. I may laminate this on a little card and give it to friends/husbands/family/work associates.

Also yes, I regularly read mommy blogs though I have no children? And no plans for a child for a few years to come? One of the mysteries of life my friends is the siren call of the mommy blog.

It's actually not all that bad. It's NOT bad is what it is. It's good for pete's sake! Sometimes it astonishes me, how easy I get those negative blinders on and eschew every opportunity to count a tender mercy, SO here I go.

Austenland, laughed my head off. Jennifer Coolidge, I adore you
Aforementioned broiled s'more, I love you.
Rock climbing. It makes me feel strong. Even though I can only climb a 5.7.
The Avett Brother concert tickets have been bought.
I can ride in my contour and not get sweaty on the drive to work.
Jared Alexander, I love you.

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