Wednesday, September 11, 2013


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Oh Savannah. Look how happy I am to be there! A quick disclaimer: Josh and Sarah you were in Jacksonville when I went up, but you have to let me and Jared come and stay with you soon!

Anyway, Savannah. Signed, sealed delivered I am yours. So charming, so walkable, so delicious.

My pal Lauren and I spent Labor Day in Savannah. Of course, half of everything is closed there on Mondays, and the other quarter is closed on Holidays, but that didn't get us down. Our plan? Look at expensive home furnishings, antiques and other wares we can't afford and eat a lot of food. I mean like, a lot a lot of food. It should be noted that we did very little research for this trip beyond the top Urbanspoon listings. Priorities, we have them.

First stop was Paris Market which is basically the beautiful lovechild of Anthropology and Restoration Hardware with a dash of cinematic old antique store. Loved it. LOVED IT. We sniffed probably 20 candles in this place, thumbed through many an old book, sighed over some gorgeous letterpress and posed with this charming deer.
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Next on the docket was the first food stop of the day, Papillote. We split this delicious little treasure chest, a green salad and coconut macrons. It was filled with chicken and beschamel and currants? And it was so yummy. The macrons left butter on your fingers. Oh, and they sold individual bottles of the official drink of Zion: Martinelli's. The Mormon in me nearly died from happiness. There were actually two sizes but these little squat bottles? PRESH.
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We later ate at Public Kitchen and Bar (cheesy shrimp and grits with andouille sausage and cajun spices) and Leopolds ice cream (long line, pretty good, Brewsters is better. I'm sorry I'm not sorry.)

We also walked probably 4 miles through square after square of trees dripping in moss and old southern mansions and the most ridiculous balding hipsters who looked like 70's porn stars. We also visiting 5 or 6 more lovely stores and sniffed about 75 more candles.

It was gorgeous.
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I have been eyeing a scooter for quite some time now.  This little Stella just needs me in the drivers seat and a labradoodle in the side car. I mean really.
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It was a great day and I can't wait to go back. Like I said most of the houses were closed, but we did get to go into one and it was really lovely.

Oh and here is a picture of babygirl being cute. The end.
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