Friday, January 10, 2014


We all have distinctive little quirks we think are absolutely normal until we realize they are absolutely not. Or maybe you've never experienced that feelings and that's just another one of my quirks? 

When I become interested in something, it sparks in my brain. It takes a deep root and suddenly I am transformed into a researching machine. I want to have the best of that thing, I want to know EVERYTHING, I want to read all of it and then be able to make a completely informed decision with perfect confidence. I can become so engrossed that everything else falls to the wayside. When I was young it was greek mythology, calligraphy, dog breeds, Anne Shirley, Egyptology, Little House on the Prairie, Harry Potter...anything that grabbed hold of my brain would completely engulf me and I would be lost in it for a little while. Before I got married I obsessively read wedding blogs and boards. 

Of course I always try to cover my crazy little tracks. I don't keep extensive pinboards or share links obsessively, as much as I would like to. I know that my interests often begin and end with me. Only my closest friends are subject to "Did you know's" and the slow leak of my newest passion project into everyday conversation. 

Lately I've been overcome with a few new obsessions, so much so that my brain felt scattered and messy, like I wasn't able to stop thinking about it. I thought this was normal. I've always suspected that maybe I go a little overboard, but churning my way through 20 open tabs on a subject? That's got to be normal behaviour, right? Well apparently not.  Anyway, Jared was able to give me a blessing of peace and today I feel 100% better. 

Lately I've felt like I haven't had a whole lot to say on this blog, and I hope this post didn't scare you off. But anyway, do you ever feel like that? Am I the only one? Funnily enough, Jared experiences the same thing, just with boring stuff like golf and hockey sticks (insert devilish smirk here). 

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  1. I'm not like that much but Wayne is. And about bizzare things too... He knows so much about the most useless information, but I kinda like this "quirk" of his... So I think if it makes you unique, go with it.