Wednesday, January 8, 2014


2013 was a blast. I wrote a life list in 2012 and it feels amazing to actually achieve a little bit of what I know are mostly wild hares. It's fun to write it all out though, the crazy desires of my heart.

Jared and I celebrated one year of marriage at Cape Kennedy.

We rejoiced at 3 weddings, and mourned the loss of my Aunt Shelly to breast cancer.

We spent a month apart while Jared studied in Germany

Traveled to London, Paris, Cologne, Washington D.C., Savannah and California.

We visited to Disney World probably 10 times with our annual passes.

We watched the Avett Brothers serenade us in the rain.

I lost 20 pounds.

Gilligan turned one.

I do have resolutions for this year. I would like to continue being healthy and lose a few more pounds. I would like to better prioritize God in my life. I would like to stick to the cash budget Jared and I have placed ourselves on. I would also like to travel as much as I possibly can. I love being on the road. I have other goals, goals that I will keep inside of myself. I think we all need to have personal, private goals for ourselves that we can pray for and seek earnestly without the added pressure of others knowing what they may be.

2013 was one of the most richly blessed year of my life, I am excited for 2014. Onward, ever onward!

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