Monday, June 16, 2014


Am I asking too many questions?
Am I forgetting a question?
Why must I crave goat cheese at all hours?
Will we ever stick to our budget?
How much does a normal couple spend on groceries?
Do we really need to buy jugs of water?
Am I drinking enough water?
Why didn't they ask me first?
Ugh, why did they even ask me?
Have I done any good in the world today?
I wonder if I can eat popcorn yet?
I wonder if I put on too much powder today? Does my face look chalky?
I wonder what Jared is doing?
I wonder what Gilligan is doing?
Do I play with my dog enough?
Do I tell my husband I love him enough?
Do I tell him to often?
Is that even a thing?
Gosh I'm starving. Should I hold out til lunch?
CAN I hold out til lunch?

Roughly 3 minutes inside my head.

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