Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Three years with the guy that still makes me smile a big panda bear smile. I don't think I ever shared many of our engagement pictures because I wasn't blogging very frequently then, but I sure do cherish them.
Jared and I met at babyhood, again at age 18, again at age 21, and then again at age 22. Babyhood is just cute, age 18 is when we fell into a best friendship, and age 21 is when we fell in love. Age 22 is when we went and got married. We're 25 now and there's a baby growing in my belly. A third Alexander for our third year.
Jared, I have loved you in biology class with big curly hair, in my grandmothers house watching late night TV, in a hundred letters over a long two years, in fights and make-ups, in a tiny 500 square foot apartment, in Germany, Great Britain, France and Norway, in depression and in blissful happiness. And I'm gonna keep loving you. Happy anniversary!

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