Saturday, January 10, 2015


I struggled to decide if I would take maternity pictures. We've all wiped away tears laughing at horrible pregnancy pics on the internet. I knew myself well enough to realize I wasn't about to hold any heart hands over my navel, or immortalize Jared smooching my bare belly, but for some reason I couldn't put the idea of documenting this time in our lives to rest.

Amanda Lenhardt was there for our engagement and wedding, and it seems fitting that shoot number 3 celebrates Jared and I's third year of marriage as well as upping the JKAlexander headcount to 3.It also explains the number of chin's I currently have ;)

I've felt safe, sure, peaceful, loved, and cared for for most of this pregnancy. I've also felt anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. I 'm trying to focus on those good feelings right now, zero in on the peace and let everything else just flow over me. I feel warmth and love when I look at these pictures, which is something I hope I never forget.

Pretty dreamy right?

Part of me will miss this little family

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