Thursday, August 13, 2015

Awkward and Awesome


This is your brain:
This is your brain after having a baby:

I threw some pacis into a pot to sanitize them and.....forgot, I woke up last night to the acrid stench of burning plastic. Jared had caught them before I burnt the house down, and had all the windows I flung open.

I have been incredibly stressed lately. I hate to admit weakness, which is prideful. It's funny how much stress a child can bring even while being the light of your life. Echo herself is a joyful, happy, breezy baby. But finding child care, working to bring home the bacon, relying on your own body to pump milk to feed her, etc. has been getting to me lately. Jared and I are in the middle of a huge transitional period- not just going from 2 to 3 but going from student to graduate to stay at home dad to our quest for PA school. LE SIGH. Things are constantly changing and seem to be staying exactly the same at the same time. LIFE Y'ALL.  I've been seriously neglecting this blog bit again LIFE. 


I have the cutest baby eva. 

I'm going on VACATION. And I get to spend 7 whole days with her!!

Jared graduated with his business degree! 

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