Friday, May 12, 2017


Life is busy for everyone, but 2017 seems to quite possibly be the busiest year of my life. Every 2 weeks or so we seem to be thrown some kind of curve ball.

Of course these interruptions are a great excuse out of many things, blogging included. Today someone mentioned trying to find my dusty old blog and I quickly discovered that my URL had been completely taken over by some weird sweat shop clothing ads. Bummer. I also flipped through a few old posts and was immediately reminded that I remembered SO little of what I had written. I didn't remember that Echo used to try and put her hands in my mouth when she was nursing, or use my palm to cover her face when she was falling asleep. But boy do I want to remember!

Anyway, enough of waxing poetic. I give you 2017 AS WE KNOW IT:

Jared and I celebrated 5 years of Holy Matrimony with a trip to Disney (thanks Beth) and Pizza. Jared and Echo continue to have the same ocean blue eyes. I also had a really early miscarriage and felt like I was losing my flipping mind for a few weeks.

Come on, y'all knew I was a dark sider. ^
The new-ish neopolitan pizza place in EPCOT has been our go to in the parks. The pizza is delicious and as long as you're in the mood to share a pie, it is super affordable and well above and beyond Pizza Planet. 

Echo turned 2, and on the day of the party fell down a steep staircase. She ended up throwing up and nearly passing out a few hours later, so we had a crazy stressful trip to the ER. Graham and Lacey were able to come and be with us, and give Echo a blessing. About an hour after arriving she was diagnosed with a mild concussion and was back to her old self, trying to climb the bed railings and jump off.

 On her actual birthday Aunt Lacey and Uncle Graham brought her some awesome gifts (ring pops are where its at) and our beloved Gilligan was attacked by another dog! He had a nice little gash ripped in to his side by a particularly mean pit bull who pulled away from his owner and ran Gill down. 

This month I also got to take off on a girls trip! Yes truly! With my best Jacksonville girls. We are spread all over the place these days and had a wonderful time eating and dancing and talking for hours and hours on end.

We also had a wonderful time at the Scottish Highland Games and we found out I was expecting again.

This month was especially hard. I love my sister in laws very dearly. One of them experienced a very personal and tragic loss, and the other nearly lost her life in a horrible car accident. Moments like these really shake you to the core, and I am so grateful for my family. 

I turned 28 (lets be honest I feel 30) and we went to Oahu! I was also sick as a dog for most of it :) 

Easter! The older I get, the more I love and cherish the Easter holiday. I love what it represents, and it seems a lot easier to focus on Christ at Easter. of course I/m never above a good cousin egg hunt. Sadly I could not convince Echo to wear a bonnet. End of an era folks.

Also - termites started taking over Echo's daycare! Ugh, what a saga. Lots of working the afternoons at home with my little helper.

Jared caught up with me on this side of our late 20's, and he had a great 28th birthday- if I do say so myself. We are only 12 days in to this month and on Monday I went and got myself rear-ended on I-10. My car was totaled, and it was pretty terrifying, getting in a wreck with a 2 yr old in your backseat. So....looks like the tail end of this month will end with minivan shopping. Below please see some photos of Echo and her friend Hazel. Or as she calls her: Beezle. 

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