Monday, May 29, 2017

Seat belts everyone!

Hello, proud owner of a school bus checking in. We found a great deal on a Toyota Sienna, and I have embraced van life. For reason's unknown Echo calls it the School Bus and is OBSESSED with it. So, just call me Ms. Frizzle.

This past Friday Jared and I took our second overnight trip away from Echo. While she lived in up with her aunt and uncle, we went to see Beach House and catch the first temple session of the day. I'm 19 weeks pregnant today and have reached full pot belly Is she pregnant? phase.

Had to stop by an old haunt after the show- Grits and Gravy nights are something I still miss! Of course I-Bar wasn't even open yet because we sauntered by at the crazy wild hour of 9:30. PS I was already exhausted.

Jared's true natural reaction to my secret selfie attempt says it all.

Of course we missed our sweet E, talked about her often, and discussed the new gummy cub on the way as well. I am so happy I get to be her mama.

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