Friday, September 15, 2017

Rock you like a hurricane

It is shocking to me that almost 3 months can fly by in a blink.

Hurricane Irma, the wench, left us shaken but not hurt. I am super grateful we got power on quickly and none of our family was flooded out.

A couple weekends ago we took advantage of the first Saturday Free day at the Cummer Museum. Echo hated the galleries but LOVED the garden, the crafts and the kids zone. They had a huge yoga class on the lawn and she spent a full 10 minutes just observing. It really is heart breaking to think this beautiful garden was destroyed by flood waters :(.

As far as pregnancy goes, I'm just a few days from 35 weeks! This pregnancy has definitely been a bit more grueling then the last due to the summer heat and just being tired/elephantine. I think the biggest difference between a first and a second pregnancy is that with Echo, I was so terrified of ACTUALLY having a child to take care of that I was happy to swallow any discomfort and buy myself some more time. This go around I just really really want my baby. I am thinking strongly that it's a girl, but feel free to cast your votes! I'd love to hear theories.

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