Wednesday, October 18, 2017


So I wasn't actually there to witness this, but I believe the story will be told for years to come about the day Daddy and Echo went to Sea World and Echo's backpack became squirrel bait. Seriously, Jared left her little pack with the stroller, and a pack of squirrels, smelling her stash of almonds inside, commenced to ripping the bag to shreds. Bless Fjallraven, who when I emailed them, asked that I send the bag in to be either repaired or replaced. 

As this has now happened two pregnancies in a row, I am guessing it's just how the cookie crumbles for me. Right around 37-38 weeks I start to get people coming out of the woodwork and gasping YOU'RE PREGNANT WHEN ARE YOU DUE?! I try really really hard to not find this insulting, but my vain nature has a hard time letting it go. Anyway, there have been more paws on my belly and gasps over my due date (Oct 23) in the past 2 weeks then in the last 9 months.

I have shared this with many a friend, but truly with Echo I was so mystified and terrified over actually having a little human to take care of that I was content up to the very last days of pregnancy for her to live in there forever. This time, I really can't wait to have my little baby and grow our family. Being a mom to Echo has been such an amazing and sweet experience. She truly enriches my life, and I can't wait to see her as a big sister, smell that sweet baby scent, nurse, cuddle, and get to know this new little spirit. Not to mention I am WAY more uncomfortable right now then I ever was with Echo. Epsom salt (with lavendar) baths have been a game changer though - my number one new recommendation for pregnant moms. I can finally sleep again! At 39 weeks this is the last call to get your guesses in for gender. I am still thinking girl.

Echo's yeehaw face. We had a great time with friends at the Amazing Grace farm and pumpkin patch. It was insanely hot that day- we didn't even make it in to the corn maze, but if you have a toddler/younger child you should really check it out.

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