Thursday, December 13, 2012

Awkward and Awesome


I need this sweater.

Blue orchid left in my kitchen, thanks J.


Smell of my Christmas tree.

The Santa Clause.

Fenced in backyard for Gilligan to run and play

First day in a week I haven't woken up exhausted.

Upcoming crafts!


Craving a McFlurry and then waiting 15 min while the lady in front of you loads up TWENTY FIVE MCDS GIFTCARDS and then the crazy lady behind the counter gives you a cup of ice cream with M&M's on top, no mixing. At least she gave me an extra little cup of mini M&M's for my trouble, and upgraded poor Danielle's treat...

Will it really ever feel like Christmas again until I have kids?

Being shamed by Joanne's employees.

Why is Vera-Ellen so freaking skinny in White Christmas?! Pictures don't do it justice.

There is only one decent Christmas movie on Netflix.

Jared barefoot running.

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