Monday, December 10, 2012

We didn't say lose... I might say tighten.

  I love the charm of older places. Our beautiful hardwood floors that creak in all the right places, the weird nooks and crannies that you just don't find in newer places. However I do not love the lack of storage.  Our last was positively bursting at the seams.This place is more roomy and we fit a lot better, so our house is slowly but surely becoming more organized and unpacked. I feel so much less disheveled in this apartment.We are still trying to whittle down our stuff. Not get rid of too much, but maybe think of different ways to store and use things that are important to us.

We are still in the market for a few things, another chest of drawers is one of them. I hate drawers I really do, but its impractical to hang everything, especially when your husband hoards tee shirts. I saw this trick on Pinterest and it worked like a freaking charm! You fold your things into neat little packages, and them put them in vertisally instead of stacking. I condensed three drawers into one and a half people! That is a legit pinterest trick. Heres the before and after shot. We were never able to keep our drawers looking to great, but a week after folding this way everything still looks spic and span!

While I was hard at work, this cotton headed ninny muggins drug a bra, a pair of leggings and an old hanger into a box of shoes and made a nest.

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