Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Odd Tuesday: Squeezable Bacon

The internet is my favorite. I owe it so much. I owe it my knowledge of MLA formatting, a million cat cartoons, any song at any time of any day that I would like to hear...all of it because of the interwebz. My time as a college student, when there seemed to be endless time to peruse tumblr and the bowels of its weirdness have gone to the days of yore, but I do still find a gem here or there.I'd like to dedicate Tuesdays to these little gold nuggets. Just the other day whilst Christmas shopping I stumbled upon a true gem: Squeezable Bacon.

While ol' Kev is a squeezable bit of bacon, he is not of whom I speak
(fun fact: I was scared of Kevin Bacon as a child, I thought his face looked like an evil skeleton; see also Sissy Spacek)
Squeez Bacon, bacon in a gelatinous spreadable form, seems to be German in origin. It has a shelf life of 12 years. TWELVE YEARS. I am at a loss. I mean really this shouldn't be so shocking to me, as i'm almost positive this bacon paste is exactly how they make the McRib sandwhich.  This will be a great stocking stuffer for my dear brother, Joel. 

Strangley, while I am repelled by this squeeze bacon I am still drawn to Baconaisse.

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