Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This week has been an eventful one in the Alexander home. Some of you already know that Sunday night brought the death of our tender little annoying mouse friend Puff. If you haven't yet, see the videos for more info.

 Next up was Jared texting me this picture with no comment.

My lipstick had rolled underneath that piano that morning and the joker here decided he wanted to be just like Mama...

All of this rattling in the animal world has boiled down to one simple fact: Jared leaves on Saturday for a month.

Is it possible our animal friends are sensing this great change in the force and freaking the freak out because of it?

Probably not! But who knows.

Other then that, Jared and I have recently begun a little young married and mormon game night. Let me know if you would like to join in. Just be ready to be crushed at Cranium or whatever. You've been warned.

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