Friday, June 21, 2013


Remember that lady on My Strange Addiction who married the Eiffel Tower? Well watch your back lady. I think Jared snapped probably 100 different pictures of La Tour. In his defense, I don't think anyone is immune. However I have already prepared a speech for the moment Jared asks to name our first born Eiffel or some weirdo crap like that.

Seeing that monument, seeing it explode in sparkles on the hour, going to the top and looking over Paris, laying in the grass surrounded by Parisians and tourists and weird men selling "Beer,Champaign-yuh, Ceegarette." It was all so charming. Those men never ran out of drinks either---then the mystery was solved when we saw one pull a bunch of bottles out of a nearby tree!

 I swear I loved every dog in Europe,especially this hound. He sat there patiently for over an hour, never moving. 

 Views from the top.

After this I pretended to sing a The Boy Is Mine duet with the tower. I was Monica obvi.
Flippin doll face

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