Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The first thing you should know about our trip to Versailles is that at midday, as we prepared to enter the palace, we witnessed a 3 year old asian girl drop drawers, squat and pee all over the beautiful cobblestone courtyard. There's nothing I could do but take pictures.
euro 593
Right, so second thing you should know is that the palace is very regal and pompous and guilded, and the hall of mirrors very packed. Its an amazing building and I loved learning its history. However, the real showstopper in my opinion is Marie Antoinette's fairytale farm and the huge gardens. This was probably my favorite day of the entire trip. When we arrived the line to get into the palace was over an hour long. We decided to take the little train out to the borderlands of Versaille and explore a bit, hoping the palace crowd would hit an afternoon lull. Jackpot! This was the best thing we could have done. We spent several hours roaming around out there and it was so heavenly. By the time we got back up to the main building in later afternoon, we literally walked right in .

euro 567 

Sometime you just gotta stand in front of Marie Antoinette's temple of love and pose your little heart out, senior portrait style. Also, I think that it's very very important for the 1 person who reads this and has never met me in person to know that my legs are that white, whiter even, and I have no problem with that. Haters gonna hate. 
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Practically every single square inch of Versailles was more beautiful and perfect than anywhere else I have ever been. And I am a Disney fanatic. I say practically because let us not forget I saw a baby urinate all over the courtyard. Then again, I found a fully formed log of human poop in the middle of the line for It's a Small World when I worked there....so really it IS a small world after all. Full circle, y'all.
Marie had a little farm and fairy tale land built off on the back 40. The is one of the beautiful, perfect adorable chateaus. I could not stop pretending I was Belle. I could NOT. The words to "Bonjour" were spilling out of my mouth like I was possessed. Everything was just so green and beautiful. One of the houses had a working water wheel on it! There were tiny little baby lambs and manicured cabbage patches! Let me live here.

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euro 577
On a creepier note, the pond surrounding this wondrous place was FULL of le poisson (le poisson, hee hee hee, hau hau hau. Ok last Disney reference I swear). These catfish would see you on the bank and then begin to swarm. In some places there were more fish than water. They were staring up at me in a teeming, writhing mass, opening and closing their mouths and rolling their eyes. Obviously they were accustomed to being fed. We just stared at them for awhile, it was fascinating and such a repellant thing to find in such a gorgeous wonderland. Oh, and I totally embarrassed myself in front of a nice French lady. I was calling out for Jared to come and get a better view of said fish, when I turned around to a French woman standing there asking me a question. I don't know why but I swear she said something about the fish, so I excitedly told her, in very garbled french, that the fish were right here! Beaucoup of them! She was obviously horrified and gave me a small smile before turning around and getting the heck out of there. Ugh why was I so excited about those fish. I am ready to go back now. I will take the whole place, fish and all. 

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