Thursday, July 11, 2013



On Tuesday I got up early for a BodyAttack class. Basically 30 straight minutes of running, jumping, hopping, clapping, burpees, lunges, you name it.  About 15 min in, my sports bra unsnapped itself and with every jump worked further up my chest.

I have been in such a grumpy frump lately. The amount of bickering I instigate is absurd. When will I learn?

Jared having to work every Saturday and holiday since our vacation -____-

Knee length shorts. I look like such a twerp in knee length shorts. I think my severe addiction to high waist short-shorts, coupled with flashbacks of pleated forest green monstrosities that I wore at Disney, have ruined me forever on the more modest kind. 


This little dog of mine is probably the greatest beach companion who ever lived.

I’ve lost 12 pounds! And it feels really great. Getting up in the morning and getting into the gym before work has made a huge difference in my attitude, energy level and waist line.

My lovely little cousin Ashlyn consented to see Monsters University with me tonight. It’s definitely getting me through the day.

I can put my hair up!

If you did not get a piece of the JCrew sale action that happened last week, I feel bad for you son. 

Amazing 80's dress for 1$. And sister-wife hair. 

My brother is moving to Jacksonville! Jared and Trever already have plans to build a hovercraft. 

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