Monday, July 29, 2013



Zumba class moved to a room with mirrors. Oh great Scott. Soooo unnecessary.

Yesterday I told my primary class this old classic to teach them about receiving answers to our prayers. At the end of the lesson the little boy saying the prayer asked "And Heavenly Father, PLEASE don't let us fall on any railroad tracks." with such distinct fear in his voice. If your 4 yr old has been scarred, I offer my deepest apologies. Also, apparently the whole "power of prayer" message was lost in the impending death by train shuffle.

I got a crazy wild hare for a dessert yesterday when I spotted some double stuff Oreo's on the counter. Next thing I know, I'm making a vanilla pudding Oreo trifle and then shoving it into the fridge like I was locking away a demon. Well a demon it was--a bogart I say. After hearing it calling my name for a few hours, I bent to the trifle's will and holy crap, would someone please come and get it out of my house?! It is so good y'all. I weep. Exactly the kind of thing that Jared would never eat and I would finish in one sitting.

I'm getting super trunky for Disney. So close yet so far. Blackout dates :(


Grammie gave me this adorable apron which belonged to my Great-grandmother Pearl. I have coveted it since childhood.

Hitting my ball through the last two wickets and squarely hitting the stick to win the heck out of last weeks croquet game. Jared won the first round, so it was a good night all around for the JK Alexanders.

Threef(x) ice cream! I may have to do an entire post on this place. I am soooo in love.

The first Manning great-grandchild was born last week. Welcome to the world Parker William! You are so handsome and have a really great shaped head and a cute button nose. Top-notch Candace and Tyler!

On measuring, my hips are the exact width of my bust. I don't know if this is an awkward or an awesome, but it does mean that a drop waist dress will never look good on me, and I will probably continue to try dresses on and then get stuck in them inside dressing rooms across the country. :D

Countdown officially begins for our whirlwind weekend in Northern California and our dear dear Kevin Newton's wedding.

Gilligan fetching golf balls in the mud.

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