Monday, July 22, 2013


This weekend's plans were derailed, but it was a blessing in disguise. I got so much done! One may say I only took the chaos from one room and displaced it, but I say nay! Now that I've conquered the beast (pretty much) of our spare room, I feel like I have a handle on things. The room has been sitting, unused and full of random boxes, since we moved in. It is now a usable, albeit slightly hideous, office. I was so excited to file the last of my craft supplies in drawers. It’s insane to me that the content of two large Rubbermaid containers and probably 8 cardboard boxes can all be condensed into one dresser.

I can't wait to decorate and, eventually, put a bed in there for a guest room. My idea for the room is to go very neutral with bright pops of color. I know, very innovative. Ha.

The older I get, the more I appreciate white, airy, minimalist spaces. Scandinavian design really rings my bell. Tchotchkes are a total gateway drug for me. I naturally want to cover every desktop,  shelf and bureau with stuff. And then one day you look around and think “Geeze, there are a lot of woodland creatures in this room.”

Seriously, I have an entire box devtored to vintage owl decor. I will always love my thrift store finds, and my heart will always battle my head over what some may deem too “precious,” but I vow to decorate with a lighter hand. I think I can be adult and timeless and still find a way to utilize my 60’s era ceramic owl book ends, don’t you?

In keeping with this theme, this week in things that I bought and love…at Wal-Mart at 11:59 pm Saturday night. Neon green floor lamp!

Oh Wal-Mart, just when I swore you off, you draw me in with cheap allergy meds and immediate access to Sunday dinner ingredients, and then you sweeten the deal with a gem of a cheaply made floor lamp. I just can’t quit you. This lamp was 12 dollars, and it also comes in hot pink.
I loved it from the minute I saw it, but in case you don’t see the beauty…well I’m sorry, I have nothing to offer you. It’s the perfect little touch of unexpected color in a neutral room. 

I do hope to one day do a little home tour. Is it wrong to think the entire house has to be exactly the way I want before I share? For this same reason I have only 3-4 pictures of our first apartment. Crummy as it was, it was still our home. This room may be a little incentive for me to share before everything is done.

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