Thursday, August 29, 2013


Gilligan in a cloth diaper. Need I say more?

Dirty Diet Dr Pepper. I still draw a hard line with soda drinking but UGH....I have been making more Sonic trips then I would like to admit lately, even if I do only get a child's size.

Giving away old favorites because they are literally hanging off of me.
I have never been more happy to get rid of a favorite dress. I have officially lost 19 lbs. I gained 3 when we went to California (ugh I know, but the In N' Out y'all), and lost that and another 2. My Lose It App informs me that I have worked out at least 4 times a week for the past 3 months! I feel stronger, healthier and more determined then ever. I went rock climbing with Jared for the first time in almost a year. I could climb 4 walls I wouldn't have been able to think about last time.

Hanging with one of my best girlfrands this pas weekend. I miss you Lauren! It actually makes my heart ache thinking about it.

My grandparents are so good to me. My Grandmother hemmed a dress for me, by hand, the other week with out a moments complaint. After being life long "outside with the animal" people, they have never told me to leave Gilligan at home when I come over. Papa even snuggled him! I am so grateful to have two of the best most supportive grandparents ever.

Three day weekend praise be!

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