Wednesday, November 6, 2013


My Aunt Shelly passed away yesterday morning. This was her second time with breast cancer.

Shelly always made me feel important. She had a way of enveloping you when she spoke. She was genuine and engaged and you could always tell she really wanted to know how you were doing, she wanted to know how school was going or about your new job. She didn't phone it in or put on a face of friendliness- that's just who she was. She liked to do things herself, she loved making and fixing and independence. I don't think I ever saw her when she didn't tell me I looked beautiful or asked how I was doing. She was so beautiful, the bluest eyes and the best cheek bones.

My favorite memories of Shelly:

Swimming in the summertime while she made Ryan, Josh and I pb&j's with strawberry jelly and cheese puffs.

Ryan's birthday- Her standing on the back porch laughing at us as we took turns digging a penny out of a pile of flour with our mouths.

Having me try on all her wigs, showing the little cousins her bald head with a grin.

Attempting to slip me cash over and over for house sitting.

I know I will see Shelly again. She knew where she was going, and I'm grateful I could hear her share her testimony not too long ago. I'm grateful she was part of my life.

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