Thursday, November 14, 2013


Common daydream: Jared and I are a husband and wife family band, just like Tennis.

This is setting itself to be a real ring-ding weekend. Tomorrow we'll go see the Avett Brothers, Saturday morning is a mid-century modern home tour of Jacksonville and Saturday night we take to Lake City for the Hootenanny!

Going on 3 weeks without turning the AC on.

Getting rid of even more crap. Anyone need a toaster oven or a large stove top griddle?

I really want to thank Wes Anderson for releasing a new movie to coincide with my 25th (gulp) birthday next year. I have fully drank the kool-aid so I really do not care to hear any of your opinions about Wes, that beautiful dreamer.

My boss kept asking me if I was feeling okay this morning. It was then I realized he was basically telling me I looked like an old bag lady wearing my giant coat and scarf around the office.

All I want is sugar lately. There is not one treat in my house and I am waiting for the day that Jared comes home and find's me greasy faced in the corner eating spoonfuls of brown sugar.

This morning I was alerted to not one, not two but THREE Christmas tree's in my friends living rooms.

Throwback Thursday anyone? EPCOT 2008

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  1. KIPIN I LOVE TENNIS & WES ANDERSON. Why can't we be one together?!