Monday, November 4, 2013


I had never been to Washington DC before. I hopped up on business for a three day trip last week. I was busy running around a conference in extremely insensible shoes for the most part, but in my free time I learned 4 things:

- True autumnal weather is a beautiful thing, and feel's a lot like Florida's winter, so maybe I should quit my belly aching after all.

- I will never get tired of visiting museums and eating at new restaurants.

- I love city living.

- DC's metro is run almost exclusively by horrible trolls.

Luckily, I was able to keep the trolls at bay by reuniting my high school posse. Lauren and Krystle came down to visit and we had a magical time looking at gems and geodes and eating pizza and burgers and milkshakes all in the same meal. The milkshakes though, I mean really. If you are in DC, go to Good Stuff Eatery. Don't even look at the capitol building until you have a toasted marshmallow shake in your hand.
Other highlights were We The Pizza and Mission Taco. Good food in that town for sure. And seriously good hair weather as well. Oh, and I saw Obama and Biden pass in a motorcade! What thrills!

I was also able to visit the Holocaust Museum which was truly humbling and I would insist that everyone take a visit when in town.

Til we meet again, DC.






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