Friday, April 18, 2014


I had a great time last night, and I also felt a million years old. As I walked up to meet Aubrey and Brandon (who I miss desperately and terribley please move to Jacksonville) in line, I noticed this show was skewed heavily to the teenage sect. Oh well. We hit the balcony and stayed there, despite the  crazy hipster girl trying to peak between our legs. It was a sold out show and I looked down at the sea of bodies below me. I kind of missed the energy of being on the floor, but then you think better of it once random shirtless guy starts rockin' and rollin', somebody else lights up a doobie, and the girl on the front row grinds up on her boyfriend. Ya. I think I am a top floor girl from now on.

I know Local Native as sort of a small band with a cool sound, mainly because I listen to their TinyDesk performance on repeat. But this show these boys were loud. And I loved it. Their opening act also completley blew me away. Moses Sumney was using a crazy cool live looping technique and had the guts to tell the chattering 12 year olds in the crowd to shhhhhhhhhhhhh. I definitely look forward to seeing this guy in the future.

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