Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Heaven only knows the fire-starter of a post I could be writing but I can not keep my mouth shut.

A lot has been said about the sanctity of marriage, the purity of love and who deserves what and so forth. But can we step back for a minute? Can we look with new eyes what is all around us? On our TVs, computers, phones, etc?

This morning I read an article about a new show called Married At First Sight, where a person consents to being scientifically matched with someone they've never met before and marrying them. WHAT?! This is possibly the most horrendous premise for a show I've ever seen, taking our voyeurism and freakish obsession with true love and even truer misery to the next level.

But then when I think about it, what about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? What about Tinder? Ugh. What about 13 yr old me being psyched to watch Elimidate after school on the WB.

And then I think of the centuries spent - in cultures across the world - where marriage was never about love or even mutual respect. It has been a bargaining tool, an olive branch, a transaction, etc. We are living in a golden age of LOVE....and people want to throw that away. Orwell is rolling over in his grave. Gatacca is at our door.

What about report after report of people not really dating anymore? Of going on a blind date, free of a complete Google history.

There are many many things in the world bettered by technology. People meet their companions through and that is great! That is fantastic! But the world is headed for a place where those things aren't enough.

Insert a long sigh here. I don't have a lot more to say on this subject besides the fact that I love my family. I love my marriage, and being married has been a true privilege. It is a prized possession of mine. Can we all remember that? I think if we start treating it that way, special and sacred, that all of us - straight, gay, scientifically matched and arranged in a freak blind marriage- will benefit.

And that is that.

(thanks Danielle)

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