Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So how long is too long to go between traveling and blogging about it? 6 months? It's been a solid 4 since we were in Washington, DC for our first family vacation. I actually debated blogging this, but then I started going back through the photos and Echo is just too tiny and sweet and patriotic not to reminisce on. I mean..LOOK


Sweetness abounds.

Lots of people said we were nuts to go on a trip with a two and a half month old baby, but we are brave/naive/crazy. Originally we planned to save some cash and road trip all the way up, but wasting precious days in the car with lots of stops and (potentially) crying made us rethink things. Instead we booked some extremely affordable plane tickets and commenced to bouncing Echo up and down for like 30 minutes at a time to keep her calm. Guns of steal. Kinda. E actually did incredibly well on her first flight, she slept for a good bit, but take off and landing we had to lift her up and down up and down and our arms burned. Oh how they burned.

Smoking guns aside, Echo was a very charming, snack sized travel companion. Her stroller was her home away from home, and she had a great time napping and nursing and being held up for photographs next to national monuments. I can not stress enough how fun it is to hold such a tiny, crazy eyed being up next to iconic landmarks.

Also I can not stress enough how much she would freak the heck out if we dared to put her in the baby carrier. the above was one of a very small handful of times she took a nap in it. Ofcourse as soon as would sit down she would wake up, thus the kneeling. Also the subway at night. We had several uh...moments that will go down in Alexander family lore. But on the whole- during daylight hours she was fine and dandy.


We rented a studio apartment on Capitol Hill, ate many burgers and probably too many milkshakes from Good Stuff Eatery, cruised the Smithsonians and National Portrait Gallery, and walked miles and miles and miles.  I have a little video of our trip in the works as well I ever get the motivation.

Did you know you actually *can* put a stroller on an escalator. Bad parents or genius daredevils?

The weather was beautiful, the flowers were blooming and bees buzzing and the tourists had wilted away a bit with the cherry blossoms. Echo even let us have a fancy dinner at Fogo De Chao to celebrate Jareds birthday and graduation! Hey thanks, E!









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