Monday, October 5, 2015


Continuing with our travel flashbacks, the Alexanders took on Chicago for all its worth in August/. Jared and I had been wanting to visit the city for quite awhile, and it was great to have a few extra hands to juggle the baby and just spend some quality time together. RIP to this and one other adorable hair bow which now lay on the streets of Chicago somewhere. More after the jump...

The highlight of the trip for me was spending night and day with Echo Marie. Or maybe it was the fresh, mini donut truck we encountered outside of the Rookery? Ok no it was E. She hit her half year mark on the trip and 6 months marked the dawn of a golden age. I don't think there is a jollier soul in all the world then this girl. She is sunshine for the soul, and proved again to be a champion traveler. Sleeping on Daddy's chest during the flights, flirting with fellow travelers, napping on the go and just being genuinely delightful. While she did have a few moments late at night, we realized later she had been fiercely teething the entire trip.  A pearly little tooth peaked through on our return. I would show you a picture, as she has 2 bottom chompers now, but she keeps those suckers as closely guarded as the queen's jewels. 

Then there was the night that shall live in infamy. Echo, myself and my mother-in-law, Camille, were caught in a torrential downpour, which turned into flash floods. I will never forget the 45 minutes we spent on a city bus: baby whaling, bus packed shoulder to shoulder, surly bus driver, way to much baggage, and Camille trying her best to calm the baby by singing hymns and lullabies- which totally worked, until it didn't. 

Another highlight was checking out lots of Frank Lloyd Wright properties. A couple years back we visited his compound in Arizona, and it was such a treat to tour the Wright family home and see where the prairie style was pioneered. 

Of course we visited CloudGate, did the full Ferris Bueller tour of the Art Institute of Chicago/Cubs Game/Wilkes Tower, took in an architectural tour, grabbed pizza and dogs, and the Museum of Science and Industry. The latter was by far the most amazing museum I've ever encountered. 

And my brother got to visit for a day! He's single, ladies. 

Again I say- he's single. 

And yes, we are continuing our tradition of holding Echo up in front of famous stuff, and now that she is a sturdy little lass, we have introduced a new series entitled "Echo Tossed in Front of Monuments".

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