Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pumpy-umpy-umpkin and an Echo Update

From the dawn of time and throughout history, parents have placed their cherubic young on a pile of gourds and saw that it was good.

Love that one above, surveying her pumpkin kingdom. What is a pumpkin patch for if not baby photoshoots?  My parents, Aunt Paula, and cousins Ashlyn, Ethan, Candice, Parker and Ben all met at the patch for seasonal fun. So many beautiful blue eyed babies in this family.
 Not so sure about these little pumpkin things.

Hey I kinda like this guy!

Does anyone remember this song? It was a meme that caught fire in my high school before a meme was a meme...and I myself had it as my myspace song~~.

Echo is 8 months old. She's crawling like a big girl, pulling up and taking tip toe steps. She likes to grab things and hold them with both her hands and her feet. She is extremely daring, and usually has some kind of battle wound because of it. She  has no fear of strangers, LOVES saying Dada. Her smiles are infectious and huge, completely lighting up her face. Love love love this sweet little girl

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