Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Traveling Circus

Halloween is my favorite holiday for several reason, but the biggest reason is it seems to be the great equalizer of the holiday realm. With a little thrift and imagination you can be whoever you'd like to be, and go out and get a sack full of candy just like everyone else. Halloween, for me, is a holiday about simply having fun, with no other pretense. Its a little spooky, a little magical, and very exciting. I always have such a great time brainstorming up costumes and piecing them together.

A few months back I started getting really stressed at the thought of this Halloween. It was Echo's first, and I wanted so badly to make her costume, but it just didn't seem feasible. I am used to throwing odds and ends together, but how could I do that for a baby?! The very last thing I have in my life right now is spare time, and just thinking about making the ideas I had in my head a reality had me sweating bullets. I can barely sew, y'all. And days spent pouring piece by piece at a thrift store seem to be put on pause for the moment, so I said you know what! I'm buying a costume! It's not worth it! And I found a very cute little strawberry number on Amazon. Now don't ask me why because it's not pride - I have no beef with store bought costumes  - Jared's muscles are courtesy of Target sale rack! but I could not let this costume thing rest. Some people show their love through flowers, or baked goods, or back scratches. I show mine through a hot glue gun, safety pins and strong family theming. I wanted this, gosh darnit. So after a bit more brainstorming and google image searching, I shelved my original plans for something simple- a clown. That was just a quick jump to bearded lady and strong man,and thus the Alexander Family Circus was born.

Raising this child has been a group project since the start, and her costume was just the same. Aunt Lacey spotted the tutu, my grammie helped me sew it down to size and put darts in the collar, and Aunt Danielle helped pick out all the trim and that glorious tulle puff - a puff she kept on her head the whole night mind you! And so my Halloween wish came true. 

Coincidentally our good friends the Hill's happened to be  the parents of a Lion Tamer and his Lioness this Halloween, and the whole troupe of us had a great time trick-or-treating. 

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