Friday, November 27, 2015

November where did you go?

Am I becoming a monthly blogger? Maybe. But I ain't quitting! So help me.

We have been dealing with a tiny little pathetic snot queen for the past week or so. Echo spent 20 minutes in a daycare class with 4 other babies and came out with the creeping crud. Ah, childhood. What is it about a baby with a runny nose? It simultaneously makes me want to take a scalding shower and also snuggle the crap out of her. Look at that tender little look in her eye looking at her Sophoe. That's the look of a sleepy, sick kitty. E - 9 month, 16 lbs 13 oz, feisty, 3 teeth, babysass.

We had a full and food filled Thanksgiving. Echo shoveled fist fulls of mashed potatos into her and dog Bo's face.

Earlier in the month we finally made it to Diagon Alley! Universal was so much fun that we didn't even take pictures. I find myself going completely dark on social media and not really documenting things when I'm having a great time. I like to immerse myself in that situation and forget about the rest of it. I suppose that's how thing should be. We had a great time with my family- my brothers are some of me and Jared's best friends.

We road (Dueling) Dragon Tr-Wizard Challenge Duel Rollercoaster thingy at least 6 times, journeyed through the 16 chambers of the Gringott's Bank ride, made it through Knockturn Alley. And Echo became UNHINGED at the taste of ButterBeer. If she spotted anyone drinking a frosty glass she began whining and throwing her body towards them, kicking her legs wildly. Luckily that is a delicacy she can only get one place and she won't be going again for quite some time.

This post is not at all chronological, more just me scrolling through my phone and scratching my head wondering what the heck I did the past 30 days. But LISTEN. I had a spiritual experience at a Sufjan Stevens concert. Echo had a horrible diaper rash and was teething, so the drive down was fraught, then of course I forgot our tickets, THEN forgot them again in the car....yikes.  It took everything out of me to get there but holy cow it was so worth the trials and tribulation. Carrie and Lowell live was so deeply touching and sorrowful. I felt his grief in my core. He also played some of 7 swans, and of course Chicago. A great night in the end. 

A great month in the end!

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