Thursday, October 4, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Thursday

  • New baby laptop! Woop! The internets is now the Alexanders oyster!
  • Heading out to Utah in a few hours.
  • Riding the Rip Rock It at Universal Studios at midnight
  • My sweet daredevil mouse Myrtle running so fast on her wheel that he tiny body was FLUNG out to the other side of the cage from centrifugal force.
  • Brother number 2, the great JellyRoll Manning, got his mission call to Las Vegas West. 
  • Lost 7 lbs! That's whats up!
  • Finally logged into my Blood Alliance account and I have 900 points. That free duffle bag is MINE. 
  • Essie Mojito Madness.
  • The large fat bulge on my arm I lived with all day because of the tourniquet wrap from blood donation. Shameful. 
  • Halloween Horror Nights. Ask anyone, I am the jumpiest person alive. I think it is a testament of my inner grandma that I harumphed around all evening saying "This ain't even scary!". 
  • Fresh new laptop and 0 time to use it. My blogging game has been put to shame lately :(. 
  • Completely unprepared for the weather in UT. I am praying that a trench coat and a cardigan will be enough to keep me from freezing.

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